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Why Use Globie?

Globie provides international phone calls at the lowest rates.

What is the difference between Globie and other similar products?

Globie makes phone calls to any phone (landline, cellphone, ip phone) as long as you are connected to the Internet.

What calling plans does Globie have?

Globie offers two types of plans to make phone calls:
1. Call plan for a specific country.
2. Use your funds to call any country by pay-per-minute.

Where to find Globie?

Download the Globie app via Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How to register?

Register in these easy steps:
1. Select the country/region that the cellphone number you are registering is registered.
2. Type the cellphone number you are registering with Globie including area code.
3. Create a password, and Confirm your password.
4. A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile via SMS. Input the code and click Next.
Please find detailed steps in How to Register Page.

How to make a first phone call?

Steps to make a call
In the Dial page, select the correct country code and input the mobile number, or you can also click on Contacts at the bottom of the screen and select a contact. You will see the call rate when pressing the dial button. Press the dial button and select between the pay as you go, call plan or a free in app call.
WARNING! Phone numbers must have country code and the phone number without leading 0 or 1s. (e.g. in the Philippines +639172223333)

Can Globie reduce my telephone bill?

Yes. You can use Globie to call non-Globie users' mobile phone or landline at very low rates. Also, you can make Free calls from app to app.

When to use Globie?

Whenever you want to call your family and friends without breaking the bank.

Where can I get help if I encounter problems while using Globie?

We have three ways of support: (Go to Home/Help or My Profile/Help & Support)
1. Videos and FAQ.
2. Online Chat
3. 24/7 e-mail support - leave us your question or Email directly to our support team:
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any issues.

Can I use Globie when travelling?

As long as you have network access(3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi), you can make phone calls anywhere, especially when you are travelling.

Can I use Globie for emergency calls?

No. Use your phone itself to make emergency calls.

Can I use Globie in Airplane mode?

Globie can only be used while in airplane mode if you can connect to the Wi-Fi, this is a feature on the newer versions of IOS, many phones do not provide this feature. We don’t recommend to use Globie in airplane mode due to the low speed of the WiFi.

How can I check Globie call details?

You can see all your call details by logging into Globie and selecting Recents from the dial page.

How much cellular data does Globie use (Not in WiFi mode)?

Globie consumes an estimated 0.75MB of data per minute. With a 1GB data plan used only for Globie one can talk for 22 Hrs nonstop.

How do I add funds my Globie account?

To add funds go to Home/Plans/Add Funds, select the amount and pay using visa/master debit card, other credit cards, or Paypal.

Shall I choose an Call Plan or Pay As You Go?

If you call a country over 1000 minutes a month and the country has an Call Plan your best bet will be to purchase this plan.
If you call multiple countries, then pay-as-you-go is more suitable.
(Please refer to our per minute international rates, and per country call plans)

Does Globie store my personal contact information?

No, Globie does not store your personal contacts from the address book. The app loads your phone address book every time it’s opened. The ONLY thing that is stored is the recent calls history. Your personal contact information is with your phone only.

How do I update my App?(How do I know if there is new release?)

In most phones when there is a new release you get a notification from the App Store or Google Play. If you don’t receive a notification click on Account->Settings->Application Update.

Can I check payments I made?

Not Yet. We are developing a transactions history page it will be release soon.

I have a new number, can I change my registered number?

Yes. Click on Account->Setting->Phone Number->Change registered number

I cannot register my phone number

Phone numbers must have the correct country code and must be cell phone numbers, make sure you have the correct country code selected.

How do I check if there are promotions?

You may go to our to check the latest promotions.

How do I change the country code in the dial pad?

Click on the flag icon on the left, scroll to the wanted country and select it. Otherwise if you know the country code backspace what is already there and type it in

Why am I not receiving my verification code?

Verify you have cellular connection and an Internet connection. Check if you have the correct country code selected and if you typed your cellphone number correctly.

How many phone numbers can I call within the Philippines GLOBE/GOGO7 and GOGO30 plans?

You can call a maximum of 5 GLOBE phone numbers in every new plan.

How do I transfer Funds to another Globie User?

Verify you have enough funds to transfer. The minimum amount to transfer is 5.00 USD. Go to My Account/Fund Transfer/Transfer.
Insert the recipient’s:
Country code
Phone number
GVC Code
Amount to Transfer
And press ENTER
A friend can also transfer you funds. For this you will need to provide your friend the same information as depicted above.