Update Regarding Brave group Auditions Personal Data Breach – European platform, globie, unaffected –


As announced in the Apology and Notification Regarding Privacy Breach Incident published on 28th June 2024, Japanese company, Brave group, has identified that, between 4th June and 25th June 2024, the personal data of audition applicants to Brave group Auditions in Japan and two of its subsidiary companies, had been accessed by an unauthorised third party. Brave group would like to extend its sincere apologies to everyone affected by this incident.

While it was initially believed that the data breach had solely impacted Japanese applicants, further investigation identified that the same Google Form sharing settings were also used for Brave group general auditions in English.

While Brave group has not identified any concrete breach of personal information such as private phone numbers or addresses, the investigation committee will be reviewing each case individually and offering support.

After carefully investigating the data protections provided to audition applications held by other companies within the Brave group, the investigation committee has confirmed that audition application data for its European VTuber subsidiary, globie, which were not held conjointly with the Brave group general auditions, were managed using separate online forms with different settings, and were not subject to the privacy breach. The personal information of applicants who only applied to the European globie platform could not have been accessed by any unauthorised third party.

How to contact Brave group about your individual case:

If you have applied for an audition with any of the aforementioned companies prior to June 25th 2024 and believe that you may have been impacted by this breach, please get in touch at: contact_all@bravegroup.co.jp

Future Information Disclosure

Brave group will be publishing information as its investigation continues and information is verified.


For more information regarding the Brave group general auditions privacy breach incident:
Visit https://bravegroup.co.jp/en/news/6443/ for information on the initial breach, published June 28th, 2024.
Visit https://bravegroup.co.jp/en/news/6479/ for the update published July 2nd, 2024.

For any inquiries regarding this incident, contact us via the email address below: contact_all@bravegroup.co.jp